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one person dies in a hail of bullets fired by police officers why they say they're compelled to open fire on two people. it means the world to me that these fans a huge honor for the little league team that could we take you to this celebration for pride of petaluma. security rosellen as democrats take their turn and the help charlotte gets to pay for security at democratic national convention. we began with developing news in vallejo police say two officers fired upon to man inside a car early this morning one of the
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men killed in that car elissa herrington has more on the deceiving item that set off the shooting. one of the men had a pellet gun that police missed it for handgun they shot and killed a 23 year-old man making this the seventh officer involved shooting of the year. the fifth deadly one. i was sleeping and gunshots woke me up more than 30 gunshots fired by to vallejo police officer's bullet holes riddled this ford thunderbird it was here that a scary my kids never experienced this it happened at 430 a.m. when police spotted a parked car with two people inside officers flashed the spotlight is the driver of the vehicle exited the car both officers noticed he had a handgun from his waistband what they thought was a
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handgun police say the suspects but around and went behind his car they started shooting and again at one point on the hood of the car and fire down into the row of the driver friends identified as mario romero died in the 21 year-old passenger was hit by shrapnel a search of the vehicle found as the sea and air soft palate and there's never a handgun this is the seventh officer involved shooting in the city this year sending marla romeros friend protesting outside the police department that have to kill everybody police said in the dark as they had no way of knowing it was a replica guns and address the threat as potentially deadly we know when officers approached him in an area known as a gang activity, he decided
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to get out of the car and reach for handgun and turnaround away from the officer both officers have been put on administrative leave pending investigation elissa harrington thank you. news from petaluma a date to remember the city honors the pride and joy the little league team one win away from being the nation's best, they gave an exceptional performance mike sugerman was in the middle of little league fever. petaluma the quintessential small-town there are 60,000 people here scenes from american graffiti was shot here, 10,000 people showed upper and someone stuck around here, here's what was like. it is this stuff you think about before nodding off to sleep.
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a parade in your honor if your home town and never won cheers you on tour in this was no dream it was the last in iran of unbelievable events of the dream stretch of baseball and city pride. this is so amazing and wonderful. before this a lot of people had never heard of petaluma now everybody knows where petaluma is. canyon in the city in tennessee that be petaluma probably not it has put the town and these kids on the map it is scoreless the on tv they used a live next year and it is heady stuff for 12 or of a thirteen year-old. have you ever done a television interview before? yes. but before two weeks ago
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no. but the ban on post-game comments and espn and seen around the country it means the world to me to have all these fans and have these people here for me your 12 or 13 of his people cheer for you, to mark u. back- to-school you have homework to do. does this help you out with girls? no. where back to the sibling squabbles the this is been a great experience just another day the next day the moments of great help their remember that family is fleeting as the confetti that blew upon them today. petaluma pride you see a deer the tennessee team is good let's vale, if you don't know
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everybody knows petaluma around here and a are enjoying the day. there is heavy police presence in charlotte, north carolina at of the democratic convention it does not seem to faze the locals danielle nottingham with more on the tight security measures in place. the president enters the week of his renomination in the dead heat with mitt romney, he builds momentum for his big night with a campaign swing through it states that could determine the election, charlotte gets ready for his arrival. police are patrolling the streets and helicopters hover over charlotte, the city gets ready for tuesday opening day of the democratic national convention.
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35,000 people expected in town organizers say security is tight. jennifer thompson was not worried about bringing her son's downtown i knew there is going to be plenty of cops police escorted hundreds of demonstrators protesting big banks through a chart as business district the state uses a $50 million grant to cover the costs of keeping order that includes a 100 square blocks security zone around the convention hall. president obama makes his way to charlotte through swing states, sunday he stopped at university of colorado. we will win boulder and when colorado will win this election mitt romney went to church in new hampshire sunday his advisers say president obama will have to account for the
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struggling economy. next week in charlotte the president needs to explain why he did not do what he said he would do. he says he will lay out a plan how to move the country forward when except his nomination thursday. charlotte's police department has nearly doubled its force with the help of law enforcement from other areas the city has provided designated areas for protesters and a platform to keep them awake from the convention hall. danielle nottingham back to you. days after hurricane isaac floodwaters remain hundreds of thousands without power, the courage of a long time congregation refuses to give up. work on the dumbarton bridge on schedule,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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construction on the
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dumbarton bridge moves on schedule that means it is still closed, remained shut down until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, workers jacked up a portion of the bridge to make way for new bearings part of the project to strengthen the bridge to withstand earthquakes the entire project expected to end on time early next year. will have a live update at 630. san francisco fremont street still closed, part of the new trends bay transit center project it to shut off from howard to mission streets crews work on the underground rail level also installing a temporary bridge to keep traffic moving. go to cbs s f dot com to check on traffic conditions for both closures. more than 240,000 people without power in wake up hurricane isaac. floodwaters' prompt evacuation's.
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isaac's devastation did not dampen the spirits of a congregations in the west louisiana church. songs of hope and faith echoed the miles fell memorial church held sunday services outside because hurricane isaac peel the run from the building. the church's bishops said everything in sight was run from the pulpit to the kitchen and his own office. it is all gone. but we are still here the congregation has been here for 19 years, never missed a sunday service and refuse to let isaac break a record and spirit. my faith is still in god, the damage left her in tears she said most of the congregation is
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homeless. that is why i am crying and become the sunday morning cannot imagine a love that we shall many of the roadways are still submerged and so was the area high school, hundreds of homes flooded and with the water receding neighbors that their possessions on the front lawn for trash collectors. whenever you lose if you still have hope to have something bishop frank does not know when he will reopen the church but says it does not matter it will be here next sunday and each one after that. on the other hand and a bay area one hot labor day on tap and then some changes as we head towards mid-week.
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the things i do to impress the girl a fight between two blue whales caught on tape of the coast of dan appoint experts say they're fighting over a female whale, passengers on a whale watching crews got to see the whole thing experts say one of the whale swam off with that the mail leaving the of the one behind. brian cheers up in the bay area we head numbers as much as 22 degrees warmer than yesterday, in san
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rafael specifically other places were up specifically. concord 90 degrees livermore 91, 85 at san jose a nice warm sunday for everybody. that sets the theme for 24 hours we warm up for labor day mostly sunny skies. will be cooling off at mid-week. on the store was saw a man in ago i set first-ever can now tropical depression it is headed out of missouri and two indiana it trigger showers and thundershowers in the eastern third of the country. in the bay area stable weather in the u.s. low clouds along the shoreline tonight it will be nice because push back in temperatures in the mid-60s by 9:00. the time lag shows low pressure in the gulf of alaska, we will
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stay warm. at least for 24 hours. partly sunny and 55 in the morning 57 around the bay, in and should wake up to sunny skies temperatures around 9:65 degrees. a spread from 62-95 degrees. it was foggy big-time have the caution fog over the golden gate bridge. as a result clotting of the coast, warm inland. in the south bay, 90 degrees at morgan hill 77 at hayward, 94 at livermore. 94 at travis air force base, 85 at santa rosa, 61 bodega bay. we will see warm weather the next couple of days and
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wednesday thursday friday we magic down a little bit. next weekend we warm up a little bit. the oakland a's raise more than $53,000 today for a good cause it was the team's breast cancer awareness day the team so pants had sent pink jersey smith. over the past 14 years this event has raised one and a quarter million dollars. the a's are hot on and off the field. we have to posies and agendas. the giants play in the windy city. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hottest team in baseball outscore the boston red sox 33-5 are the past three days. brandon inge now a spectator after suffering a season-ending shoulder injury. his teammates are picking him up. look how far this goes. 2-0 in oakland. he goes yard for the first time. less like his but is ok.
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that was more than enough for that man petra anderson dive in swing and he had four strikeouts. bust and threatens to get back in at the sixth inning. the bases loaded single to left. some and tries to test the arm of yoenis cespedis and not a good idea remains 6-1 a's. anderson picks up his third straight win. they slammed the door on boston a sweet a sox winners of nine straight, oakland 19 games over 500. the a l wild-card standings: oakland two games ahead of baltimore. after today that giants only play the national league west teams for remainder of the season. a win over the cubs would put them 18 games over 500.
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fans getting married in the stands at wrigley field. giants got a jump on the cubs. angel pagan picks of dirt at home plate and three-zero giants. in the fifth inning alfonzo soriano but the cubs in the lead. matt cain lasted $5 innings. the giants come back, brandon bell will take third. he will support and ties it up on a wild pitch. tied at 5 in the ninth. angel pagan clutch hit. the giants take his 7-5 lead into bottom of the night. runner on first he gets the double play to end the game
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during the giants win 7-5. giants worked two outs away from being five up in the west. the jobless as one to the wall, dodgers win 5-four and walked off fashion. there remained foreign halfback in national league west. andy roddick announced he will retire after the u.s. open and became the biggest story in the tournament. taking on the third round match. roddick up two sets to none. an impressive rally. check out the shot. through the legs but roddick gets it. roddick serving in the fourth
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set he it's in to the net products career still kicking and wins in four sets. third round fedex cup at deutsche bank championships tiger woods near the top of the leader board tee shot rolls from short of the cup and taps in for birdie. he shot 3 under 68. he trailed by six shots loose ties and was on fire. back nine still not done stops a foot or two from cup. his seventh straight birdie. les rory mcelroy by three shots. long time smores head coach don nelson trying to get into the hall of fame.
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he fell into coaching by happenstance i did not know what to do i was 36 and retired from the celtics i will be a referee i get a call from the milwaukee bucks and said wants to come into view for the coaching job here larry costello looking for an assistant are you interested. and then on the next planned. he has this magical touch to be the right place at the right time five championships as a player great in of the tonight on game day tonight at 1135 frightening moments for a fan and a monster truck rally at of control truck ads for the stands everyone expected to live. that story and more tonight at 630. that is it for eyewitness news at 530 see you in half an hour and a tan and 11, have a good,,,
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